Spider-Men and diving artwork

With the Year in Games series out of the way, time to get back to normal. Like talking about comic books. This was a pretty short and sweet week; I thought it was going to be much bigger because the Pull List app had Justice League on for some reason, and I was considering Avenging Spider-Man. But no JL, and I decided to skip Avenging, so just three.

Wonder Woman #5 – One of my favorite things about this book is the focus on Greek mythology. If I understand correctly, that wasn’t really a focus before the New 52 reset. I get a little thrill every time I see how they’ve rendered a new god. The designs are really distinctive. The Olympians look less like members of a team with slightly different outfits, and more like they’re customized to fit each role. This one gave us two new gods, but was otherwise a bit bland. I do worry they’re starting to subtly sex-up the character, what with all the panels in the middle of her clothing clinging to her in the rain.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6 – This was and remains one of my favorite comics for its writing, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed at how the art took a dive. It’s not even really “bad” per se, but it’s definitely not up to scratch of the gorgeous art from the first five issues. At any rate, the plot remains interesting, we got to see the new Spidey taking down some common street crime, being targeted by police, and demonized by the Bugle. Classic Spider-Man stuff. It also ended on a really nice scene with Miles’ uncle that seemed very cinematic in its presentation.

Batman #5 – My winner for the week. I think it was last week’s Batman book that got really boring, with Batman basically monologuing the whole time that he’s skeptical about something we as the audience already know is true. This week, on the other hand, they did some really nice touches with the art, panel, and book layouts to show Batman slowly going insane in this labyrinth. It was still all monologue, but it was way more interesting and insightful for the character. The very end, when we cut back to non-Batman characters and things “normalize” again, it has that much more punch.

Speaking of Batman, we of the Shack offices split up our duties writing about our picks for the games of the year. I was tasked with writing our #3 (aka #2 runner-up), Batman: Arkham City. And you do know how I love writing about Batman.

  • Oh Hudson. Your weird little hard-skulled caveman will live on in our hearts.
  • Man does this game/studio/developer look weird.

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