Resident Evil: Bad Enough to Save the President

Tonight saw the premiere of the Resident Evil 6 trailer. It had been circulating as a rumor for long enough that I’m not sure anyone was particularly surprised, but the direction for this one looks interesting. It may be that the setting is more urban-American, but it looks like they’re making a very conscious choice to return to the classic style.

I was a little disappointed by the CG/gameplay ratio, but then I just generally don’t like cinematic trailers very much. I get a much better sense of how a game will feel from seeing it in action. That said, zombie president? How is it no one has thought of this before?

  • This seems like one of those scams that would be patently obvious, but maybe if someone thought Halo 4 was closer they’d fall for it.
  • I should pick up Sonic CD one of these days.

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