Internet activism works once in a blue moon

One of the stories I covered today was about how SOPA and PIPA have been put on the shelf; not killed entirely, but this strikes me as a saving-face maneuver and now they’ll quietly never be heard from again. The ESA later dropped its support. So score one for Internet activism. It had to work eventually, right?

I made a tongue-in-cheek tweet about banding together against pirates. One astute friend asked how exactly we would do that, and I have no idea. That’s really the sticking point, how no one can find a way to stop it. That said, this ongoing war between pirates and companies keeps having the ugly tendency of inconveniencing paying users. The companies come up with more restrictive DRM, the pirates crack it and claim it’s a principled stand because of the restrictive DRM. I tend to think they’d pirate anyway. It’s an arms race with no victors and no end. SOPA was an extremely flawed attempt at solving it for good. I’m glad we didn’t go with the nuclear option, but I’m frustrated that the battle will still be going.

In other news: Witcher 2 is our Shacknews Game of the Year.

  • The XCOM creator likes Valkyria Chronicles and Advance Wars? I haven’t met him, but I like that guy.
  • Still waiting for that Angry Birds bubble to burst.
  • The aforementioned SOPA/PIPA story (and the ESA story written by someone else).
  • Funny enough, I grabbed this story about The Old Republic receiving an accessibility award before I really looked at it. I came to find out it was from AbleGamers, and the two quotes from the press release are the two guys I spoke to when working on a GamePro piece called “Making a Disability-Friendly Industry.” Unfortunately it’s down now due to the passing of GamePro, but it was still kind of cool seeing that come back.

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