Finally, the Dominion Gods listened

I’ve been saying for quite a while that Dominion should be virtualized. Letting the machine take care of set-up for you, being able to play on the go, the fact that it already has expansion packs all built and ready — it seemed so obvious. Apparently my calls haven’t gone unheeded, because one of the news items I covered today was the reveal that Dominion is coming to iOS devices sometime soon.

I don’t usually get excited about apps, but the ability to play Dominion against AI opponents sounds pretty sweet. Plus, for friends who might have wanted to play but balked at the high cost of entry, I presume this will be a cheap(ish) way to get in.

I actually e-mailed Rio Grande games to ask a few questions. Apparently all of the expansions and promo cards will be “available,” but that didn’t really tell me how they’ll be priced. Part of me thinks there’s simply no way that they’d just include all the expansions in the app, but then again, they apparently gave their blessing to free knock-offs as long as people take them down when the official one goes up. Maybe they’re just incredibly charitable.

But whatever. I’m pretty in the tank for Dominion, so that’s a day-one app purchase for me. If the expansions cost extra, I’d probably grab those as well. You should too.

I finished a review game last night, and worked on the review tonight. It won’t hit until next week, but I’m pretty proud of how this one turned out. I write smart words goodly.

  • Apparently a lot of people thought this news about a Diablo 3 producer leaving meant some sort of doom and gloom for the product. I don’t quite understand the leap of logic required there.
  • The aforementioned Dominion news.

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