You got Skylanders in my Mass Effect

I’ve been cautiously curious about Skylanders. It seemed like a clever marketing move, but as reviews came in they seemed pretty positive. Word is it’s not too complex, but it’s fun and well-designed. Plus, you know, little collectible figures. Now I kind of want it, though I’m wondering if they’ll drop the price. It seems like one of those things where the real sale is in the extras. On iPhone, this means free-to-play with purchasable DLC. Obviously they can’t go that low, but I wonder if eventually the base pack will be cheap enough to invite people to just grab it with some extra stuff.

Apparently the idea is spreading. Mass Effect toys will apparently pack DLC. It’s not quite the same, it lacks the little base and you’re not carrying your characters around with you, but it has a spiritual connection. Now I’m wondering how long it will be before we see a lot of games doing this, and Skylanders will be regarded as the one that started the trend.

If Nintendo ever figures this out and applies it to Pokemon, may God have mercy on us all.

  • I do love the Dead Space series, but multiplayer was not the strong point of DS2. Part of that may been that it was beholden to the tone and control style of the single-player. Here’s hoping that with the freedom of a new franchise this mysterious project will turn out well.
  • I’m actually considering picking up the various XBL House Party games. 800 free points sounds nice. Maybe I’ll just try them all in demo form and go from there. Warp is probably the most interesting to me.
  • I still need to play Magicka, but man I like their sense of humor.

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