Of Batmens, Lanterns, and Too Much Dialogue

It’s another New Comic Wednesday, and you know what that means.

Superman #5 – So. Much. Talking. I half-wonder if the artist for this book gets annoyed by how much of the work is covered by word balloons. I know there’s a lot of story to pack in, but it feels like they’re just writing a novel. A few interesting things happened, but I’m liking this one less and less as it trudges on. No wonder they’re advertising a new creative team taking over.

Flash #5 – Still fantastic art, some of the best paneling, and I do not care about the villain at all. I know I’m supposed to care about the villain, it’s a part of Barry’s past and so on, but I just can’t muster a crap to give. Hopefully the new problem hinted at the end here will make way for a new plot direction. It’s great in a lot of ways, but I don’t want to see any more of Mob Rule.

Justice League #5 – Unsurprisingly the best of the week. The writing is sharp (and concise, Superman) and the artwork is just packed full of nice little flourishes. Batman and Green Lantern have an extended bit of dialogue in this issue, sharp and punchy but spread out over a few pages, that is the perfect example of how these characters should play off each other in a group dynamic. Loved it from start to finish.

  • I must admit, that video of I, Robot blew me away. I had heard of it, but seeing it in action was something else.
  • This new Neo-Geo looks like a bad iPhone photoshop. I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m just saying if it is real, they were obviously Apple-inspired.
  • My first thought when I saw Hitman: Sniper Challenge? Link’s Crossbow Training.

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