Mega Rage

I used to own and operate a Mega Man fan site, which still exists and is doing quite well for itself without me. So suffice to say I have some love for the character. Tonight Capcom revealed the old-school “bad box art” Mega Man would appear as a character in the Vita version of SFxT.

A lot of people were upset about this tonight, tweeting that Capcom won’t give us a proper representation of the character but doesn’t mind ragging on him, that sort of thing. I realized that I do not care. I saw it, I shrugged, and I went about my business.

Maybe it’s because there are more important things in the world to worry about, like the contentious political climate, or Middle-Eastern conflicts, or Juggalos. Maybe it’s that the inclusion is obviously just a stupid, overplayed gag. Maybe when Capcom killed Mega Man Legends 3, the part of me that ever held out hope that they’d do right by the character just kind of fizzled.

Whatever thing or combination of things it is, I felt no outrage or amusement or anything. I’m not sure I’m even the target audience anymore. So to this news, I say: meh. I’m a former fan site owner, so put off by the various franchise missteps that I felt no impact from this. It inspired me just enough to blog about it, merely for lack of other subjects to blog about tonight.

So a new 2D Mario for 3DS; that sounds pretty awesome, right?

  • Over a million bucks of taxpayer money because Yee and Schwarzenegger wouldn’t listen to multiple people who told them their bill was unconstitutional. That’s got to sting.
  • In other insane fighting game news
  • I didn’t think Insomniac would come back to Resistance anytime soon, but straight-up swearing off of it was a surprise. Maybe they’ll come back eventually, but it doesn’t sound like they’re keen on it.

One thought on “Mega Rage

  1. Part of my rage comes from having to deal with other peoples’ rage after dealing with it for the past year. 😛

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