Skylanders second impressions

I’m a bit more hooked on Skylanders than I expected. Each night I go in intending to play for a few minutes and then switch to Dead Island or War in the North, and each time realize I’ve failed when look at the clock. It’s not an incredibly demanding game, but it’s clever and charming in the same way the Lego games are. Some of the writing is even legitimately funny. So today, when I went to Target to grab a new router since ours crapped out, I picked up my first tertiary Skylander. Whirlwind. Bryan tells me he’s the product of unholy union between a unicorn and a dragon. Two guesses who was the male in that relationship.

As for the time investment, it probably doesn’t help that I’m blocking out about an hour of time each night now for my other recent obsession: Downton Abbey. This should come as no surprise given the critical acclaim, but it’s very, very good. I just finished Season 1 last night, so I’m going to crack into

I’m falling behind on my more brainless TV watching, the kind of stuff I usually have on in the background. Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, American Restoration, that sort of thing. Such is the price of watching an impeccably written and acted masterpiece.

  • THQ can’t win for losing. It makes a bunch of licensed crap? It sinks lower. It makes some really good hardcore games? It sinks lower. I really hope they recover from this so they aren’t delisted. That doesn’t itself destroy a company, but it’s not a great sign of health either.
  • SSX has the right idea here. Hopefully all the good vibes being sent EA’s way lets them know that this is the way to go moving forward with other online games. Let us play online. If you have to keep something roped off, make it our persistent rewards. It makes gamers happy and I would imagine it would encourage people to upgrade, but sales will be the real test.
  • I refer you to yesterday’s post.

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