Microsoft Flight, Macs grounded

Among my stories today, I did one on Microsoft Flight. It’s free-to-play, and looks absolutely gorgeous to boot. I’ve had a weird curiosity about flying, and I can pinpoint exactly when it happened: PAX.

When I flew to Seattle, I’m fairly certain it was the first time I had flown without my wife or family with me. And without anyone to talk to, my mind was drifted around to various thoughts. Most of those thoughts, surprisingly, were “flying is awesome.”

So since then I’ve been all about flying. I don’t often get on flights, but I enjoy it every time — even when I’m on those little puddle-jumpers with the horrifying turbulence. I’d like to learn to fly someday. Not a jet or anything, just the little two-man vehicles that celebrities always die in. I’m sure I’ll have better luck.

Which brings me back to Microsoft Flight. Looks great. But until I invest in a quality gaming PC, I can’t play it. Sad trombone.

  • Brain parasite zombie horde mode?
  • I’m careful to only post spoilers after the page break, but apparently a piece of this FFXIII-2 story got posted in Chatty somehow. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’ll have to look into it. (To be honest, though, the spoiler isn’t much of a spoiler at all. If anything knowing ahead of time will help ease the frustration.)

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