Hot Skylanders scoops

This morning was a bit busier than average. My editor was attending an event for Skylanders, which we all (rightly) assumed was going to be the reveal of Skylanders Giants. I was taking the news as it came and asking him some questions to clarify as we went. Reports were going around at first that the game would require a new Portal, but fortunately that was incorrect.

As a more recent convert to Skylanders, I say: sure. Why not? The figures could always stand to be a bit bigger, and a cheaper price for the next game sounds good to me. Plus, maybe this will result in a price drop for the current console versions; it’d be nice if I could pick up the 3DS game and get three more for relatively cheap.

  • Jaffe’s move isn’t too surprising. On Weekend Confirmed a couple of weeks ago, he sounded a little tired of working remotely. As someone who’s been doing that for over five years, I can attest to the fact that it’s not easy. It has nice perks, obviously, but plenty of drawbacks as well.
  • Notch is taking requests now? I’ve prepared a list.
  • Adding social elements to a game designed for lonely people. Bravo, PopCap.

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