Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning first impressions

I ended up falling asleep and a bit too groggy to blog last night, so this will be making up for some missed time. I’ve had Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for a few days now, and though I’ve had to chip more time in to other games for various reasons (one upcoming review, one impressions post), I’m enjoying my time with it. The art style is nice and colorful and it satisfies that loot itch. The combat is a bit simplistic so far, but at the moment I’m facing easy enemies and felling them with magic. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to dive in tonight.

I also started up a new game of Mass Effect 2, in preparation for ME3. I always wanted to have a renegade FemShep to compliment my paragon MaleShep, so I figure no time like the present. I downloaded the digital comic — which was a bit meh, to be honest, but it let me establish that FemShep had a fling with Liara, just like in my MaleShep game. Partly because I genuinely like Liara as a character much more than Kaiden or Ashley, and partly because aliens. Why would I want to virtually romance a human? I’m married. That option is already available to me in real life on a constant basis.

That’s probably why I tend to play as female magic users too. Whatever is the furthest from my own actual real-life experience seems to be what I go for these days. I still tend to play moral-good. I wonder what that says about me in real life.

  • Skyrim racks up yet another award, this time a prestigious AIAS.
  • This story about Double Fine’s Kickstarter project is nice and feel-good, but it may also end up being one of the stories that shape the industry this year. What happens when popular indie developers realize they can circumvent the traditional publisher route? We’re going to find out over the next several months.
  • I call Spock.

One thought on “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning first impressions

  1. Bryan Carr says:

    I’ve always said you were evil, if that counts for anything.

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