Survivor returns, instantly makes me resent everyone

Survivor came back tonight, and I’m having a hard time enjoying any personalities. The men are a pretty tightly-knit group of frat-douches, and they haven’t featured most of the women enough to identify with them. A few standouts here or there, but for the most part this season seems packed full of obnoxious.

Moving on. Comic books!

Wonder Woman #6 – Art took a bit of a dive this issue, and I’m not sure why. It doesn’t look like a full-on stylistic change, more like it just didn’t have as much time or attention paid to the compositions. At any rate, the story remains a fun trek through Greek mythology, and they had a bit more time on Hades, which is always fun.

Avenging Spider-Man #4 – Standout of the week. I was a little nervous due to the artist change, and starting a new arc, but the art is fine (if a little jarring) and the story is a nice little self-contained buddy piece about Spidey and Hawkeye. It was actually really sweet, in that way that comics with a good light-hearted hero can be.

Batman #6 – This was not light-hearted at all, not even a little bit. The plot moved to where it had to and was devoid of surprises, but the last few issues the art has been pretty incredible. Last issue did some clever things with the medium, and this one doesn’t rely on those gimmicks. Instead, we just get some really interesting panels that make Batman look like a monster when he’s angry and fighting back. I think we’re left to interpret that this is how he’s seeing himself in his half-delusional state.

I’ve got a review coming tomorrow, and possibly an impressions post sometime soon too. I also have an Escapist piece running in the near future, so I’ll keep an eye out for that. It’s a busy time!

So Warp. The demo was fun. Worth a full pick-up?

  • My favorite part of this Mojang game jam story might be that the company is combining the most and least popular pieces of each poll result. That’s pretty clever.
  • I’m inclined to agree that this alleged hack probably wasn’t a hack at all, and was rather some idiot from the kid’s school. But that is why we seek official comment on these types of things.
  • I have a soft spot for the Sonic 2 bonus stages, so ba-zing!

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