Canada is stealing our Simpsons

Apparently that Simpsons app I wrote about yesterday is available in Canada but not in the US. I can really only think of one reasonable explanation for this: Canada is finally making it’s move. That country has been playing it cool and polite for a few hundred years, and this is the first volley of aggression. We must not let this stand.

  • Frankly, given the direction of the PC market lately, I’d be more surprised if Blizzard weren’t working on a free-to-play game.
  • I’ll have to try out Shoot Many Robots, but the main reason I’m linking to this story is that the dev diary with the steps of the game’s development is pretty cool.
  • An almost year old XBLA game and a semi-obscure Taco fast food restaurant. Yeah. That’s a weird partnership.
  • I do enjoy sinking my teeth into political stories when they come up.

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