Getting Tricky, Casual Sexism, and Grief Bacon

I tried out the SSX demo today, after learning that the game is on its way from Gamefly. I haven’t seriously played an SSX game before. I’m sure I’ve picked one up and toyed with it here and there, but I haven’t invested the time to get good at one. I’m not sure I’ll have the time to invest in this one that’s coming, but it’s awfully pretty and easy to at least look like you know what you’re doing. I think that’s more or less what I want from an extreme sports game.

Patrick Klepek, who has a way of finding really interesting stories to write about, generated a lot of discussion with this article about a misogynistic douchebag. My observations aren’t much different from anyone else’s, really. He’s a jerk, and he’s giving the fighting community a bad name, and there’s not much else to say about him. The piece itself is well-written, though, because it’s Klepek. I’d also point to Susan Arendt’s blog response to the whole kerfuffle, because she raises a good point.

And if you hate humanity after reading that and want a cheerier story on fighting games, check out this detailed analysis from the PA Report on one of the most famous minutes in fighting tournament history. I don’t follow the hardcore fighting scene closely, but it’s a fascinating read.

Grief Bacon may be the best term coined ever in the history of ever. I also like the term coined in entry #1, which I won’t mention here because this is a family show. Except for the spot above where I called that guy a douchebag, but… c’mon, guy’s a douchebag.

I played the FFXIII-2 DLC “Sazh: Heads or Tails” today for an impressions post I’ll be putting up tomorrow on Shack. Sneak preview: I am nonplussed. I’m also reviewing Journey, which I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, but I’m looking forward to cracking into it tonight.

When I told Bryan I’m reviewing Journey, he told me to make sure I mentioned “Wheel in the Sky” because “Don’t Stop Believin” gets too much attention. Yuk yuk yuk.

  • This story on HBO Go led to a long conversation with the esteemed Mr. Carr on HBO’s obligation to provide user convenience. My position: by roping off access to HBO shows so stringently, they are losing customers who might otherwise buy shows piece-meal like me. I’m never going to subscribe to HBO simply hoping I like the shows on it, so let me at least purchase the first episodes to get a taste. The movie and TV production companies are trying to remain the gatekeepers in an age of on-demand, and that stubbornness bit the music industry in the ass not too long ago.
  • I’m not sure why they’re making a sequel to X-Blades, but even so, releasing it against Mass Effect 3 seems like such a profoundly bad idea.
  • I never interacted with James Mielke while he was at 1UP, but his thoughts on Lumines and John Cusack were too entertaining not to cover.

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