Stirring the Pot, Acting Surprised

My first story of the day was a chipper little piece on The Binding of Isaac being rejected for the Nintendo eShop. What’s been interesting are the reactions to this. Some people, the classic curmudgeons and Nintendo haters, have leapt to getting in digs on the company. Oppressing free expression and all that.

People who have actually played the game, however, seem to be of the attitude of “well, makes sense.” Or a shrug. Or a “what did he expect?” The game deals with heavy subject matter, and it doesn’t exactly do it with a light touch. I doubt that the “religious content” had as much to do with it as the baby murder or the gore or the overtones of child abuse. I asked Nintendo for comment, but they haven’t replied yet. I think we need to hear their own reasons, for themselves.

No need to go into full comic run-down mode this week, since Justice League was really the only one. It was predictably great, with an epic fight scene and a nice close to this story arc. The after-issue bit is possibly more intriguing, since it sheds light on that Pandora character that popped up with the New 52.

My Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC field report went up today. The long and short of it is that Chrono Bind is a fun mini-game, but that’s really all the episode has going for it.

  • Say what you will about this Pac-Man TV series, they got the character designs down in a really smart way. It looks like a cohesive whole without making everyone look like variations on Pac-Man himself.
  • I approve.

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