The Storm Before GDC

Next week is the Game Developers Conference, which more and more every year seems to be E3 Lite. I’ll be covering it as usual, and it makes for a busy week even working remotely. This week has been generally slow as a result — at least until today, when we got major Assassin’s Creed leaks (screens and info) and a Mass Effect 3 trailer.

Full disclosure: I don’t usually watch trailers. I’m not sure why, but with an interactive medium, I’d rather just wait until I can play. That said, when I write a story about a trailer, I watch it so I can talk intelligently about it, and that ME3 trailer is stirring in the way a trilogy’s culmination should be.

We saw Fun in concert tonight. I was only slightly familiar with their music, but I liked the distinct optimism throughout. My musical choices don’t need to be all candy cane and lollipops, but artists in general tend to confuse cynicism with depth. Sometimes life is pretty good. Let’s celebrate that too.

  • Regarding above AC3 leaks: the engine looks pretty, it seems to confirm climbing trees, and I can’t wait to be present for the historical events. I also want Desmond to face towards the camera and say, “I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence.”
  • I don’t really care if Sly 4 hews too closely to the formula. It’s about time for a new Sly game.
  • We had not one but two patent stories today. First one on Nintendo, in which I noted something about the alleged timing that I didn’t see anywhere else. Then one that could have a serious impact on F2P games. I’m with the commenters on our story; our patent laws are in serious need of revision, toot sweet.

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