Capcom sneaks a “Super” in the back way

It was a heavier day than usual thanks to the Game Developers Conference, but one of my many stories involved Capcom. The revelation that the Street Fighter X Tekken DLC is on the disc. I understand the reasons behind this; it actually will make play easier between the haves and the have-nots. And I usually don’t get angry over on-disc DLC, because I understand how budgets work. But usually, that DLC isn’t eight months away.

Remember the gap between Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? February-November, or 10 months. Capcom committed not to release a “super” version of SFxT, but this feels a lot like they’re just sneaking it in there as DLC. I’m staking the pack at $20 at the least, otherwise known as what they would sell a Super upgrade for as DLC. It just seems like a different path to the same thing.

I’m renting SFxT, since I’m only a casual fan of fighting games, so I don’t have much of a pony in this race. I’m just scratching my head at the move from a PR perspective. It’s so bizarre.

Oh well. At least they haven’t started making incredibly bone-headed errors about their own corporate identity–wait, what’s that? OH MY GOD.

  • This Fable tie-in could be cute and charming, for the right price. I don’t really have any interest in The Journey so the cross-game functionality doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m almost always up for a solid casual dungeon crawler.
  • That Death mask looks pretty cool. But the cynical part of me hurt by prior CEs wonders if it’s cheap plastic.
  • My review of Journey is still incoming, but it was awfully cool hearing Jenova Chen speak about it for a while during a press Q&A. I actually asked him a question about the game’s relation to films, since Nina watched me play through it start-to-finish in one sitting like a movie. I asked if they had noticed that aspect of it during play-tests, and he said one of the developers had a similar experience with his wife.
  • I’m not sure who I would even play Minecraft split-screen with, but it’s a really good addition for those who have a partner. I might have to fight the urge to get that when it comes out.

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