Survivor entitlement

Survivor was on tonight, and it’s still a fascinating bit of game theory. As far as I can tell, tonight was a first, with one team turning over immunity to the other specifically so they could vote out someone for spite. It was Colton’s idea, and he had it out for both Bill and Leif.

Now Colton is an entitled ass. Whatever. But more than the game-changing maneuver, which Jeff Probst seemed pretty incredulous of, tonight had a weird moment of race relations. See, Bill is black. He’s also a struggling comedian, unlike Colton who is a fairly affluent white man. When Bill and Colton were having their spat, Coulton insulted his job back in the real world, which seems below the belt. In response, Bill diplomatically pointed out that he comes from a different background than Coulton. He specifically noted that he wasn’t referring to race, but rather their economic backgrounds. He said it outright. This is very important. Keep it in mind.

Colton’s response was to go off about race. Then Troy went off about race. Guys. Seriously. You both look like idiots and, frankly, probably a little racist. Try listening to the man before you respond.

Anyway, Bill got voted off. Just when I was starting to like him for telling Colton what’s what, too.

I only read Action #7 today, because my store had run out of USM. It was a decent book, and I like their explanation for the suit. They’re treading a bit on familiar ground, but it’s got enough tweaks to the formula to keep things fresh. The Steel post-script story was a bit cheesy, though.

My Journey review went up today. I think it really couldn’t be clearer, but just in case I need to reiterate: buy this game. It is a game for people who believe in the power of the medium, and we need to encourage that when possible.

  • PC gaming isn’t dying, but glossed over a bit in the PCGA report is that “PC gaming” is dying. When the hardcore think of the phrase “PC gaming,” it means a different type than when the PCGA uses stats from Asian markets and social games to show financial growth.
  • The new iPad looks awfully pretty, but it’s still $500. Also, just naming your product “iPad”? Not “iPad 3” or anything? C’mon guys, you know we’re all going to refer to it as “third-generation” anyway. It was nice that you were up-front about it with the iPad 2.
  • I’m looking forward to R6P, and the news of at least one key staff member being taken out is disconcerting. Hopefully the groundwork is settled enough that the game doesn’t have the feel of one that switched creative teams midway through development.

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