Second thoughts on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

During the beta, I felt generally “meh” about the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. Over the weekend I gave it a second shot, and I have to say I’ve done a full 180. I think I know the problem. When I tried it during the beta, I went with my usual class (Vanguard). I felt limited. My suite of powers wasn’t as fleshed-out as usual, so it just felt hobbling.

Then over the weekend I was playing single-player and fought a Cerberus Engineer. He annoyed the hell out of me. Stupid turrets! I wanted to try that out for myself, but I was already committed to my Vanguard class. Then it hit me: multiplayer. Multiplayer wasn’t a great choice for my preferred class, but it’s a great way to sample other classes. My engineer is coming along nicely.

Plus, I think playing it after getting a general feel for the subtle combat tweaks in Mass Effect 3 helps. It’s still not a combat system that’s built perfectly to rely on its combat, but the powers and weapon types are really its strength.

The packs system is pretty clever. It works a bit like the “Ultimate Team” stuff in Madden, in that you buy randomized decks. I’m hoping to get a Quarian unlocked, since that’s the only class that can use turrets, but it’s all done randomly. That makes it kind of exciting in a way, but it would be nice if you could spend a little extra to unlock one specific thing. It has a microtransaction option, which seems like the way to go. Between this and Gotham City Impostors, I’m liking this more diverse market strategy.

I also got the “From Ashes” DLC, the reasoning being that I wanted to buy the Collector’s Edition but couldn’t. So if I was willing to spend $40 extra for some baubles when my main interest would’ve been extra content, I might as well spend $10 extra to get the thing I was really interested in. The new character is alright, he has some funny moments, but I’m surprised to find his weapon is the main bonus for me. That thing with some mods and incendiary ammo basically tear everyone apart like they’re wet tissue paper.

I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but all these people complaining about and/or defending the ending are making it hard. I want to take my time with this game. Stop saying anything about the tone of the ending. That is a spoiler, whether you’re specific or not.

  • Donkey Kong 3D Makes sense, but the retailer feedback we got doesn’t sound incredibly positive.
  • You may laugh at Full Contact Bingo, but when it’s a free app you know you’re going to get it and play the hell out of it.
  • Double Fine’s Kickstarter continues its upward climb. It gained another 100K since I wrote that story this morning. It will probably slow down overnight, but $3 million doesn’t seem out of reach.
  • I don’t have a hardline anti-DRM stance, but the CD Project Red CEO makes sense. If it’s going to be hacked in minutes, what’s the point? It’s hard to find examples of DRM that have actually done their job without inconveniencing users.

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