It was a nice day, so I walked down to the local shop to pick up this week’s comics.

Scarlet Spider #3 – I picked this up because it was a light week, and probably wouldn’t have otherwise. This is fun for being unabashedly a comic book, just full of fun quips and threats. This is sort of a Spidey redux through the lens of Batman. He has most of Spider-Man’s powers, but he mostly relies on scaring the crap out of criminals. It’s a fun read, so I might keep picking it up if it stays on light weeks. If it’s next to three or four books I want, though, I’d probably drop it.

Batman & Robin #7 – The dialogue felt a bit more forced than I’d like, and the action scene was over a conflict that wasn’t as exciting anymore. The major plot thread (Robin as a traitor) was already resolved. I sort of predicted that this final issue might be dull last week for that very reason. It does end with a twist that I did not see coming, so I’ll be curious to see where that goes. This book is best when it’s fueled by philosophical conflict, and they basically just hit the “Batman should kill the Joker” question in a roundabout way.

Unfortunately, the shop had already sold out of Saga. I’m a big Brian K. Vaughan fan, and Y: The Last Man is still my favorite long-form graphic novel to date, so I want to check out at least the first issue of anything he puts out. I’ll have to catch it later.

  • I can’t speak for the game itself, but the idea of buying points to vote in the development of a game is pretty interesting. It could prove problematic if someone with terrible ideas happens to have a lot of money, but I’d hope they have systems in place to give the development team veto power.
  • I haven’t played a Tony Hawk game since THUG 2, but a downloadable HD remix version sounds great. I like how Hawk has been consistently showing good faith in the series too; for some of its missteps he does seem genuinely passionate about it.

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