Game Gears and legacies

A few Game Gear titles came out today for the 3DS. I tried them out for a quick impressions post that should go up tomorrow at Shacknews, but here’s a preview: I was impressed. The emulation is far and away the best on the system, and Nintendo should copy them wholesale.

I’ve got a special event coming up tomorrow, so I won’t be posting the link as it goes up. Just keep an eye out. I’ll blog a little bit about the event after the fact, sometime tomorrow night. That’s also why I’m keeping this entry fairly brief.

  • Completely unrelated to the game, but something about the art style of Transformers Prime turns me off. It’s a bit too angular, and the detail level on the characters looks really mismatched to the (lack of) detail in the backgrounds most of the time.
  • From Software should work out some kind of deal with Apple. I’m sure they could arrange a kickback from people breaking their iPhones and iPads out of frustration while playing From games.
  • It’s easy to mis-identify the “bad guy” in this Obsidian scenario. It’s not Metacritic’s fault for providing a slightly off-kilter system, and it’s not Bethesda’s fault for following pretty standard industry practice. The bigger problem is systemic, in the weight that people give to review scores, and how that gives a site like Metacritic so much power, and how that power is then leveraged as part of business negotiations. It’s not a great situation, but ultimately the problem lies in people skipping the text and looking at the score. Everyone does it sometimes, and we shouldn’t, but that’s how we’re wired when we’re short on time and want a quick information bite.

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