Mr. Watts Goes to Washington

I didn’t spell it out explicitly yesterday, mainly because I don’t want to be robbed by announcing to the Internet that I’ll be gone from my home all day. I went to DC today, for a two-parter of feature research.

First up was a Q&A with Hideo Kojima. It was a nice small affair with probably about a dozen other writers in attendance. The second was a trip to the Smithsonian exhibit, The Art of Video Games, which opened to the public today. I’ll be writing about both next week, so this is more of a tease than anything. I will say that I saw Ken Levine hanging around the Smithsonian, which was pretty great, but he was busy at the time and then had to run off before I got a chance to catch him for some questions about the exhibit.

Thoughts on both will be coming next week, I promise! In the meantime, check out my Field Report on why the Game Gear emulation is far and away the best the 3DS has to offer.


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