Kojima and Me

Today the first fruits of my labor in Washington DC went up, with three stories regarding my two hour (group) chat with Hideo Kojima. He’s a friendly guy, and a lot funnier and self-deprecating than I think you see from some of his more lofty “game vision” types of quotes. At any rate, here are the three products from today:

Tomorrow my field report from the Smithsonian exhibit is set to go up. I haven’t done a proper gallery response paper in years, and that’s sort of how I approached this. I think the result is one of my prouder pieces, up there with my Journey review, so I’m looking forward to sharing it.

I finished Mass Effect 3 tonight. I planned to blog about the ending, but it’s pretty late and I generally try not to go off half-cocked when addressing people’s concerns. For now, I’ll say that I felt satisfied by the conclusion, but I’ll be a little more specific tomorrow after I have a chance to read more about what specific bones people were picking.


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