What happened to Stan Lee?

I walked myself down to the comic shop today, and picked up a few of my usual picks. Among them was a new Stan Lee book. It didn’t look that good, but I tend to impulse buy a comic once in a while, so I picked it up. I should’ve trusted my instincts.

Mighty 7 #1 – I am seriously convinced this is a giant practical joke. It was awful, cover to cover, in every way that a comic can be awful. Stan Lee is an icon, but yipes. Just yipes.

Wonder Woman #7 – I was surprised to find this might be my favorite of the week. I’ve always liked the Wonder Woman books, but they tend to fill it with a lot of disconnected plot. The mythology carried me through. This issue had a healthy dose of mythology (with a more-or-less accurate depiction of Amazons), but used it to tell a pretty good standalone story. It factors into the overall plot, but it’s got its own arc in the issue itself.

Batman #7 – Lots of exposition, lots of explanation. A few cool reveals, but they’re clearly setting the stage for next week. Might be the best art of the week too, especially in the panels that maintained how broken Batman was after his time in the Court of Owls.

Justice League #7 – The art took a nosedive this issue, but the writing was still sharp. I know between arcs they sometimes get new artists to fill in, so it’s understandable. I wanted the book to calm down a bit and go lighter on the fights, to leave more room for plot development. I couldn’t care less about Shazam, though. Also, Baltimore and Philly both exist in DC continuity?

  • I think I said just about everything I thought about the Mass Effect 3 ending last night. Suffice to say BioWare’s promise to fans today feels a bit like a cop-out. I suspect they’ll be augmenting the story, not changing it outright. From my speculation, at least, it seems like a solution that will please no one and upset everyone, but I’ll see where they go with it before I judge too harshly.
  • Far Cry 3: the trippin’ balls simulator.
  • This revelation about future Assassin’s Creed games seems fairly obvious, and could be sussed out if you were paying attention, but it’s nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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