Angry Birds: Adding weight in zero gravity

I never really got into the original Angry Birds. It was one of those apps that I played for probably a grand total of an hour, and that’s all I needed to digest it. “Okay, I get it,” I thought. I understood the game, but I never could comprehend that cult that grew up around it or how it became so huge.

Today Angry Birds Space launched, and their (frankly fantastic) trailer last week convinced me to bite. It’s a buck, so what’s the harm? I haven’t played too much yet, but I think this sequel really delivers more depth — or weight, as I put it in the title. Adding the gravity fields is just what this game needed to iterate in an interesting way, and the superpowers are a cute twist on top of that. I may never understand the hats and t-shirts and plushies, but in terms of game design this one gets a thumbs-up.

Plus this whole thing is very tied to NASA, complete with a button right on the game screen leading to a Web site with information on space. It’s a nice little way to get kids more involved in science with a practical physics lesson to boot.

Also, how is it the game didn’t make a Pigs in Space reference?

I also played the Hunger Games app, which isn’t bad for a free promotional game. Good to see the movie getting good reviews, but we’ll probably wait until Nina’s done with her crazy schedule to go see it.

  • As a commenter pointed out, this God of War Vita thing is super-vague. Basically, Ready at Dawn thought about it, and then decided not to.
  • $20 for Minecraft is a little steep for someone who’s already bought it on PC (like me), but it would be nice to get it eventually on sale.
  • Finally.

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