Avenging Spider-Man rules the funnybooks

It’s another New Comic Wednesday, and seeing as video games are pretty dead at the moment, I might as well jump straight to that subject.

Superman #7 – Superman has been on the verge of dropping for a few weeks, but I thought I’d try this one out just to give the new creative team a try. It’s definitely a marked improvement over the last run. They even make a slight reference to fitting in descriptions concisely, which I hope was an intentional jab at the prior writer’s problem with brevity. The only problem is the new villain, Helspont, who as I understand it is actually an old villain from Wildstorm. The problem is he has all the hallmarks of 90s over-design, looking like some kind of stupid mixture of Wolverine and Ghost Rider. I want to keep reading, but that character art bugs the hell out of me.

Flash #7 – Still the most creative, fresh paneling happening in comics today. Flash is a very kinetic superhero, and the artist on this book just has this amazing knack for showing that in the layout. I was starting to wonder if I just didn’t care enough about the plot last issue, but this one won me over. It made more sense and it had relatable characters doing understandable things. More of this, please.

Avenging Spider-Man #5 – Best of the week. I don’t know what the plans are for this book, or even if it has long-term plans, but the last two issues have been such sweet, pitch-perfect stand-alone stories that they could keep doing that forever. The way Wells writes the group dynamic and then hones in on Spider-Man’s relationship with one particular hero just never rings false. The last issue with Hawkeye, and this one with Captain America, don’t really have a lot of “superheroing” action, or ties to an overall plot arc, but they show these friendships forming in really creative, surprising, and even kind of touching ways.

I’m preparing for PAX East quite a bit lately, scheduling press appointments since I’ll be covering the event as well as speaking at it. I’ve also signed on to do a review and a feature in the meanwhile, among other day-to-day responsibilities, so I’ve got a lot of plates spinning. It’s a good “problem” to have.

  • Unless I get paid to write about it, I really doubt I’ll pick up this Lightning DLC. The game left a sour taste, and then the Sazh DLC didn’t do much to soothe it. I’d rather not be disappointed yet again.
  • Putting aside the actual news here, I was glad to write this SimCity article based on preview coverage from Jason Wilson. He was my copy editor back at 1UP, and he’s a great guy. A lot of his editing peeves are still things I watch for myself. There’s probably a little of his voice in my head every time I write anything. Respect your writing elders.
  • I’m probably going to be too busy this weekend to hit level 20 with even one character in Mass Effect 3, much less two. But I might give it a shot just to see how far I get. I already have a Vanguard at level 18, I believe, so if I can get another class in that range in time I might just bite on both of them at once. Still waiting for the “pick a character you want” reward.

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