Getting Kinected

I’ve gone this long without getting a Kinect, but that’s all going to be changing tomorrow. I’m reviewing a Kinect game, so I ordered the device. I’ve always been mildly interested in the peripheral, but not had much reason to bite on it until now. That should make for a fun set-up tomorrow.

It’s a bit late, so I’m keeping this one brief. Plus, you know, I’m just playing through my backlog at the moment. Skyward Sword, still pretty good.

  • Ken Levine is definitely deserving for inclusion in the Time Top 100. (I’m more-or-less ambivalent toward Pincus, but he’s a good business man if nothing else.) I found it funny that people were hating on Adele more than Rush Limbaugh and KONY 2012 combined. The internet is weird with its rage sometimes.
  • We went with this angle for the Gearbox story, but I have to disagree with Pitchford. I went in with startlingly low expectations, and it still failed to meet them.
  • Core gamers have been afraid for years that social games would kill our types of games. Now a major developer is basically saying that exact thing, though he’s on the social game side. (I’m not that concerned, I just wonder if people are going to be all like “JUDAAAAAS”)
  • I’m only slightly familiar with Game of Thrones, but enough to make a crack or two about the game. As several commenters noted, the same day as Diablo 3? Ouch, guys. Ouch.

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