Kinect Elbow

I’ve had some time to play around with the Kinect this weekend. I can’t talk about the game I’m reviewing, obviously, but I can talk about a few other games. I got the holiday bundle (for cheap on Target, if you’re looking), and I’ve prodded at Gunstringer and Fruit Ninja a bit. Fruit Ninja is a cute little temporary diversion, though I can’t see myself playing for long stretches. Gunstringer is a lot of fun; I imagine it would be easy to break the illusion by not “playing along” with the miming, but why wreck the experience that way? 

Other than that and my review game, I haven’t used it much. I apparently didn’t speak loud enough for the voice commands to hear me when I tried playing Mass Effect 3 one night, because my wife was asleep in the same room. I’ll sometimes say “Xbox Bing ____” just to watch and marvel at the coolness. That might come in handy someday but for now it’s more of a wowee-zowee feature. I haven’t tried out Kinect Adventures yet, but I’m told it’s not bad.

  • Seems like my Crystal Chronicles guess was so close. It’s a very similar name, but seems like a totally different take, so I can’t claim too much credit for calling it.
  • Sometimes you have to carefully balance “they’re technically right” with “this was probably a bad PR move” in news stories. Example: Capcom’s statement on the on-disc DLC controversy.
  • The Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter is off to a solid start. I don’t have much experience with the series, but good for them.
  • Interesting wishes from devs.

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