Ducks in a row

Short blog post tonight, mainly because most of my day was devoted to getting everything lined up for PAX. That includes getting any work out of the way, finalizing appointments, making sure I have all my contact info down. It’s not very much to talk about, really.

I will have a review coming sometime tomorrow, and a freelance piece sometime in the near future. Plus, of course, PAX coverage.

  • I’m in the “if this is true, it doesn’t matter” camp.
  • I was just wondering a day or two ago if the DLC episodes mentioned way back when from Kevin Conroy would ever come to fruition. It looks like they are, and (hopefully) continuing Arkham City’s plot.
  • Of all the suggestions for what to do with the Wii U, MMOs actually make a lot of sense.
  • Kudos on Peter Molyneux for having a laugh at himself.

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