AvX starts with a whimper

PAX East is fast approaching, and tonight I wrapped up a few loose ends. But who wants to hear about that? I know you come to this blog for all the hottest comic rants.

Action Comics #8 – Sometimes, Superman dives really deep into the sci-fi realm, and that can work. (For a great example, see All-Star Superman.) When it doesn’t work, though, it just tanks. A few issues of the New 52 Superman have fallen into this trap, and this issue of Action did as well. It’s not so much that we need everything explained, but it all needs to make a kind of visual and internal sense. Plus the art was pretty hit-or-miss, especially when it came to Superman’s poses.

Ultimate Spider-Man #9 – Still one of the best comics running, and now the art is great. I missed #8, so I was picking up a bit by context clues. I think the sharp whip-fast dialogue exchange with the police officer in the opening panels really stood out in this issue too.

AvX #1 – My esteemed associate Bryan Carr seemed pretty underwhelmed by this issue. I was more… just whelmed, I suppose. It feels like they’re moving the parts into place, and to their credit they’re giving decent motivations to both sides. At the same time, I have to agree that the setup seems to be a conceit to have superheroes punch each other, and I’d like the plot to get a little more meat than that. That said, I tend to stick with things well after they’ve gone south, so I’ll probably pick up a few more issues and see if it picks up.

My Diabolical Pitch review went up today. tl:dr version: Don’t get it.

  • God help me, I might actually try another Facebook game.
  • I complain a fair bit about Pokemon’s iterations, but I do have a soft spot for the little critters. Making it basically Pokemon Tactics? Yes. I endorse this idea.

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