Scarlet hits its stride

I’ve been picking up Scarlet Spider since its inception a few issues ago, mainly because I felt like there was some kind of potential there that kept drawing me back. This week’s issue (#4) was the strongest yet — it set the tone for the series as a whole and established the first arc of villains we’ll be dealing with. Great pick-up overall, I feel like it justifies the time I’ve invested so far in the series.

The other Spidey book this week was Avenging Spider-Man, which was strong as usual, but unfortunately not a stand-alone story. It ties into a few other comics that I don’t really read, and I doubt I’ll pick them up just to finish this story. The writing was still ultra-sharp and fun, but I’d rather Avenging just stay self-contained. Maybe I’m a bad nerd, but the wild amount of cross-overs were one reason I stayed away from comics so long.

I also picked up Batman & Robin, which was a much quieter book this week. Not so much bombastic action as the last few issues, just solid character moments between Bruce and Damien. It even touched on the “should Batman kill the Joker” debate that was circulating a while back, which is a reasonable place to go considering how the last issue ended.

Two more of my previews went up today, and more are slated for tomorrow. On today’s block is a look at Aliens: Colonial Marines and the MMO Tera. Tomorrow I start dipping more into the indie stuff, which is always a cool standout feature of PAX.

  • I hear one of Inafune’s unannounced projects is an entirely new franchise called Nega Man Myths 3.
  • Speaking of which, a strategy RPG with Mega Man X and Valkyria Chronicles characters? You have my somewhat skeptical attention.

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