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Output has been a little crazy this week. I played a ton of games at PAX, but since getting back I haven’t had much time to actually play almost anything. Instead I’ve been doing the normal things one does when returning from a trip, performing other regular grown-up duties, and writing a lot about the games I saw at the event.

I write the previews during the day and they’ve been typically going up the next day, simply because that’s a good spot to fill when the east coast news cycle slows down and the west coast hasn’t gotten started yet. So the three that went up today were written yesterday. I wrote three more today that will go up tomorrow.

So, today I have a look at Max Payne 3, Super T.I.M.E. Force, and Penny Arcade Adventures Ep3. What will tomorrow bring? Only I know! And my editors and other writers.

  • I actually enjoy the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, and it’s too bad the PlayStation 3 isn’t getting the special weekends. That said, we did follow up with Sony, because that’s good journalistic practices. If they respond we’ll make sure to note it.
  • BioWare just can’t win for losing these days.
  • Despite Miyamoto’s apparent love for the game, I still simply can’t see the “Angry Birds is this generation’s Mario” thing. If 30 years pass and they’re still just as relevant and popular as ever, I’ll change my tune.

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