First Impressions: PlayStation Vita, Xenoblade Chronicles

So my birthday has come and gone and I turned thirty in style. I was on stage in front of a few hundred people, for one thing, and that night I had an expensive steak and received a really thoughtful gift from my wife.

I didn’t tweet or blog about it earlier since I wanted to tell my parents personally, since my mother is a perpetual worry-wart. Basically, I’ve had a quiet desire to fly a plane for years, and Nina got me a flight lesson. I won’t come away an ace, but I’m looking forward to scratching the surface of learning.

Now that I saw my family, they sprung for a PlayStation Vita. It was on my Amazon wish list, more as a note to myself than anything, but I suppose figuring it was the big three-oh, they went all out.

The first thing that struck me is that it is big. It’s one thing to see it in comparison shots or in kiosks, but another to actually have one home and in your hands. Some of the icons that appear by default seem a little excessive, and I’m sure some could be consolidated. But overall it’s a pretty impressive little piece of kit. I haven’t gotten any games to push the hardware power too much, but I’ve enjoyed my time with the little downloadable titles (Blob and Escape Plan). If I had to pick up anything right now, it would probably be Hot Shots Golf. I don’t much care if it’s like the others since I didn’t play the others.

I also picked up Xenoblade Chronicles with some birthday money from relatives

So overall, it’s a bit of an embarrassment of riches. But it has given me plenty to do.

Last two PAX East previews today. The brain-bending puzzler Miegakure and absurdly violent Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit!

  • I like the idea of a cops and robbers epic, but I do wonder how much Kickstarter the community can support before it just bottoms out.
  • As a brand new Vita owner, sure. Let me use it as a controller for your F2P shooter. I’m always up for getting more use out of the device.

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