Sometimes lack of change doesn’t matter

I bought Mutant Blobs Attack and Escape Plan for Vita, but I felt like I wanted something a little more substantial. I’ve been playing around with different demos, but I never got into Lumines, and I don’t feel up for another Uncharted right now. Hot Shots Golf, on the other hand, really hit the spot, so I sprung for it.

It’s funny, reading reviews for a game in a series you haven’t really played. I see a lot of “not much has changed” for reviews of this game, and having been on the reviews side I understand where that comes from. At the same time, as someone who didn’t play previous games in the series, I don’t mind if little has changed. If it’s solid, it will be new to me. I’ve been thinking about renting a Harvest Moon game for a while and seen reviews to the same effect. I haven’t really played one since college, so it doesn’t matter much to me.

That’s more a judgment for me to make as a review consumer than for reviewers to note explicitly, but still, something to keep in mind.

  • I don’t get to dive into comic geekery often, but Rockstar using Greg Horn for the Max Payne mini-series was just too funny not to mention.
  • Good on Harada for taking a stand on DLC characters. It was a bit awkward to read, though, with him so carefully stepping around saying anything negative about Capcom (while pretty blatantly criticizing one of their most oft-used business practices).
  • I downloaded the Witcher comic app partly because I’m renting the game soon, and partly because I didn’t want to report on it blind. You take off a woman’s top within the first minute. So, from what I’ve heard, that’s pretty much true to the series.

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