All prepped for witching

I received The Witcher 2 from GameFly today (full disclosure: this company owns Shacknews, who pays me), so I’m going to keep this entry fairly short. Partly because I’m eager to dive in, and partly because I’ll be writing about it next week and I want to rack up as many hours as I can before that happens. I’ve installed the game, it’s sitting in my disc drive, and the only thing standing in my way is this nightly blog post. So let’s just skip straight to the stories, shall we?

  • One of two original articles today on Shack that we’ve started to see picked up by other outlets. Sony didn’t give a timeframe for getting the ME3 multiplayer bonus weekends on PS3, but at least it sounded promising on making it happen.
  • I actually haven’t played Gotham City Impostors for a while, but it’s sitting there in my quickplay menu. I’ll have to dive back in to try out the new map once this launches.
  • Every time I typed Botanicula today I thought of that old book Bunnicula. Vampire rabbits, everybody. Reco’nize.
  • I didn’t have enough of a hands-on to make a full preview out of it, but I tried Theatrhythm at PAX East and rather liked it. It’s got sort of an Elite Beat Agents vibe, without the wacky humor. Granted, the wacky humor is a bit part of why I like EBA, but the mechanics were still solid. Pre-order stickers, on the other hand, I can do without.

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