The slow burn to E3

The industry’s biggest event is still over a month away, but it’s pretty clear that game publishers are laying their groundwork. Sony and Activision have both been teasing some big announcements this week. Nintendo has already let a few announcements slip with teasing that we’ll see more at E3.

The pre-E3 burn tends to sneak up on us a bit. It always seems too early, probably because it starts earlier every year. But these warning shots mean the next month is basically going to be chock full of news — which is certainly good for me, as a writer. I just hope we still have a few surprises left by the time June rolls around.

May is going to be full of some games, too, because I’m very strongly leaning towards re-subscribing to PlayStation Plus. I let my subscription lapse when my PS3 broke, mainly because after spending $300 I wasn’t terribly eager to spend an extra $50. But it really is a good value.

I wrote some impressions of The Witcher 2 console version, the idea being that since I didn’t play the PC version I’d give a fresh-eyed take on it.

  • I saw a lot of speculation about a Call of Duty game set in the far future, like 2027. I’m more inclined to think it’s set in the near future so that you have special access to future tech prototypes. Hence, Black Ops.
  • Still looking for new games to play on Vita, and Gravity Rush is getting great buzz. I might have to consider pre-ordering.

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