Awesomenauts first impressions

I haven’t really paid much attention to the MOBA scene. I’m familiar as an observer, having reported on games like League of Legends, but the whole thing has been a bit intimidating to actually jump into much myself. Awesomenauts came out this week (after a scare that it might not come out at all), and I think that being a 2D game with some familiar side-scrolling tropes helps ease the transition.

The game has a really cool playful tone reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s cartoons, complete with its own theme song. It doesn’t do much to introduce you to concepts, just sort of throws you in feet first after a short tutorial stage. But the characters play differently enough and have distinct strengths and weaknesses, so a tutorial for each of them would probably be a bit exhausting.

So far I’ve been gravitating towards Leon, the stealthy character. With a few upgrades he can really get around pretty well, and even handle head-on attacks with a few clever tricks. The game promises more characters to come, so hopefully Ronimo can keep up with that promise despite the publisher difficulties. I got the game for “free” via PS+, but it seems like it would work well as an actual F2P title.

The one problem: rage-quitting. I’ve only experienced it once, but it attempted to switch to a new host and then failed, so I lost any and all experience in that match when it was almost over. It’s an obnoxious habit that’s impossible to avoid, but some developers have found nice ways around it. Hopefully we get a patch that addresses the problem, because I’m sure it will get out of hand when people realize they can just keep losses off their record.

  • I’m not sure what kind of error creates an incredibly specific, customized message; but the game isn’t being pulled and that’s what’s important.
  • Without more details, I’m not sure what to think of the Elder Scrolls Online. I liked Skyrim quite a bit, but mainly I liked having a detailed, giant world that was sometimes an incredibly lonely place to wander. That’s the exact opposite of an MMO. Curious to see more, regardless.
  • Someone should tell THQ that the name for this Saints Row 3 expansion sounds kind of dirty. They probably don’t realize and that’s awfully embarrassing.
  • Not one but two friends felt annoyed/offended by the use of Ollie North in this Black Ops 2 campaign. Seems odd that Activision chose such a controversial figure; surely there are other war experts, right?
  • If only they didn’t say “new IP,” this next-gen Harmonix game sounds like it should be Elite Beat Agents.

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