The first of the 2012 delays

It’s an unfortunate reality of video games that every year we get a set of delays from games that can’t make the year’s targets. Some always hit on time, the Call of Dutys and Maddens of the world, but of the big ambitious games, probably 1/4 of them get pushed at one point or another.

So it’s not incredibly surprising that BioShock Infinite has been pushed back. I know it was topping a lot of anticipated lists at the start of the year, and it will top a lot of anticipated lists at the start of next year too. It’s interesting, at the very least, that the company is looking for a network engineer, hinting at a possible multiplayer mode. I’m not convinced BioShock needs multiplayer, but some of that might just be a lingering sour taste from BioShock 2.

The point is, delays happen. And to be totally realistic, more delays will happen. At least a few games on my anticipated list will probably slip. Then again, my anticipated list is hit-or-miss so far — I consider FFXIII-2 a miss and ME3 a hit, if you’re curious — so maybe more time for Borderlands 2 or Paper Mario to cook wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing.

Scratch that. I want me some Paper Mario.

Avenging Spider-Man had a great recap page this week, and beyond that it just had me smiling the whole time. That book is a perfect distillation of everything that’s pure fun about reading comic books.

Both Batman and Batman & Robin dealt with the Night of the Owls story, and both were pretty good but not great. I have to say, though, that Batman has a tendency lately to finish strong, and I like the Court of Owls in general terms as a villain group. Plus it gives Damien the chance to “kill” without killing. Even Batman himself said that their undead status means he gets to play a bit rough.

Scarlet Spider was probably the weakest of the week, a bit to Jack Bauer for my tastes. It wasn’t altogether awful, mind you. It was nice to see an Iron Man and SHIELD cameo, though. They’re tying SS into the world to make Houston his turf, and Iron Man not quite being able to make it in time was a good way of showing that.

  • I remember the news of Stan Lee in Amazing Spider-Man hitting, and some people assuming he was just a senile old man who didn’t understand the vijima games. I’m glad to see they’re wrong, and he is in fact appearing as a playable character just like he said. He’s sharper than people give him credit for. Though, admittedly, not sharp enough to take his name off the occasional dumb idea.
  • I didn’t expect the makers of Resistance and Ratchet to move into social games, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Bring it on, guys. Show us a social game done right
  • Holy cow, Inafune is going dark.

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