The fall (and rise?) of Republique

So have you heard about this Kickstarter thing? It’s kind of a big deal.

When Ryan Payton left the Halo team, I was sure he’d land on his feet somewhere. I didn’t realize he was going to dump tons of his own savings into a personal project and hope that crowd-sourcing could  get it off the ground. Republique is an ambitious project. It’s larger in scale and production value than most iOS games, and the asking amount was and remains a whopping $500,000. Most successful video game Kickstarter projects haven’t asked for that amount, least of all for iOS projects.

It’s been a bumpy road. The low amounts coming in made most people pass it off as a failure. In the last 72 hours or so, though, the figure has ticked up considerably. Right now it’s at $435,000 with only 18 hours to go. Those last hours might not be enough to make it, but they’re making one hell of a last-minute rally.

I haven’t contributed to Republique personally. I haven’t contributed to any Kickstarter, in fact. Doing this for a living means I don’t feel comfortable with becoming part of a story, even a success story that I’d like to see happen. But I am watching from the sidelines, and hoping they’ll pull through. It’s like watching the video game funding equivalent of a sports underdog movie. This is that part where the scrappy kid who usually cracks under pressure has been called up to the plate, with a bad ankle, so a homerun is his only chance to win the big game.

The games-journo sphere has really gotten behind this project, partly because of the pedigree, I’m sure. But I think the bigger factor is the idea. The game has been announced for PC and Mac now, but it was an iOS game first. We want to see a big-budget iOS title. We want to see an experienced developer take on the task. We want those things to exist, and this could be a wide step in that direction.

I think it’s going to come down to the wire. If it manages to make it, it will be only just barely in time. But I’d like to see it succeed, if nothing else than because I love the ending of cheesy sports movies. Gets me every time.

  • Now that BioShock Infinite has been delayed, I think Assassin’s Creed 3 has shot to the top of my “Most Anticipated” list for this year.
  • I’m inclined to believe the Lego LOTR rumors, though honestly I was hoping they’d do something with their new Avengers line. Maybe next year. With a DC superheroes game coming this year, making an Avengers one so soon would feel like they’re putting them head-to-head.

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