Morbid Lightning curiosity

My thoughts on the lack of resolution in Final Fantasy XIII-2 are pretty well-documented. I wrote the Shacknews review, and then followed up with even more specific thoughts regarding a sequel. I even wrote up a piece on the Sazh DLC because I was genuinely curious if it would wrap up any loose ends. (It didn’t.)

So today I do a report on the final pieces of DLC. I suppose the more substantial story bit would probably come from Lightning, but do we really need to see her epic battle in its entirety? Is that going to shed more light on the events of the game, or just be more half-baked quasi-philosophizing? You could say I’m cynical, but to be fair, the game has given me good reason to be.

I’m tempted to try out the DLC, just to see if it resolves anything whatsoever. I can’t imagine it will, and Square doesn’t promise that it will. That means we’ll either be left hanging, or FFXIII-3 is coming. I’m guessing we’ll see an announcement at E3, but I have to imagine it won’t be a major tent-pole announcement from Square.  It feels like that sub-series has run its course. Another sequel would deliver on the tease, but only because they have to at this point.

  • I hope that the price of this Pokedex app was vastly inflated for Japanese audiences, because if it hits here for anywhere near $18 people are just going to laugh.
  • On the other hand, patches? In a Nintendo game? For non-game-breaking bugs? Truly we have arrived at a golden age.

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