Wonder Woman goes dark. Really, really dark.

I commented on my Twitter account earlier that Wonder Woman is tied up in this month’s cover, sort of a reference to how this used to happen all the damn time. The actual book doesn’t ever feature a scene in which she’s tied up, but it’s disturbing in a bunch of other ways.

We have a cheeky reference to “filling a hole” in a wedding chamber — a double entendre to WW’s bullet wound — forced marriage, slit wrists from a failed suicide attempt in hell, a man (god, technically) being bound and used as Hades’ throne, and a wedding dress with severed hands decorating the train. Oh, and Diana’s wedding ring is a noose that will kill her if she’s not truly in love, so there’s that.

It’s not Preacher, but I’m surprised they rated it a T.

That said, the plot is actually going somewhere. For the first several issues it was very meandering, and I just followed it for their super-creative takes on Greco-Roman mythological figures. Now the plot actually stands up on its own, and I still get the clever myth references.

Avengers vs X-Men (the fight book) remains heads-and-shoulders above AvX (the plot book), though I did think the fake-out in the latter was really pulled off well. The art in the plot book is weirdly inconsistent, and the writing in the fight book is just always fun and snappy. Meanwhile, Justice League is setting up what could be an interesting villain, and I like hopping between various “buddy” scenarios with small groups. It helps each of them breathe a little. Flash and Green Lantern are a perfect pair.

I skipped the Shazam portion of JL, partly because I don’t care about that character and partly because so far he’s been an entitled little ass. Maybe they wanted to make him relatable to kids or something? But basically, I just want to smack him. All the time.

  • I’ve maintained that Dragon Age 2 got far more hate than it deserved, but considering the reaction it’s probably a good idea to solicit feedback before rushing into a third one.
  • I have no idea what a “Phoenix” is as far as the Mass Effect races go. Maybe a new one?

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