Revenge of the Night Notes

Also known as the thing I do when I’ve been working late on a review and just want to jot some quick thoughts about news stories before I start heading to bed.

  • I can’t imagine shelling out at least a hundred bucks for a Borderlands 2 SE, maybe because physical tchotchkes don’t appeal to me as much as in-game DLC or extra content. Still can’t wait to play that game, though.
  • This series of moves by Activision reads a lot like they’re clearing the arena for an ugly legal battle with West and Zampella.
  • I’m not the one who generally chooses the leads or wrote this particular headline, but honestly it never even occurred to me that people might consider this Diablo 3 news a spoiler.
  • Holy cow, guys. $675,000 in three weeks? Republique just barely managed to make $500,000 in a longer timeframe. I am not optimistic about Conquest’s chances.

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