Mario creates such a racquet

My first review for Joystiq went up today, on Mario Tennis Open. I’m pretty happy with how the review turned out, and it looks like I’m on the low end of the consensus at Metacritic. I don’t check other reviews before I write mine, but afterwards I always get a little curious how other people reacted and if I’m off the average. Plus it helps gauge how angry people will be with me!

In general terms, Mario Tennis Open is fine. I enjoyed it. It just didn’t have all that much to do. I kept skipping out of the main tournament modes to go play the special modes, just to mix up the experience a bit. That’s why I recommend playing through the main modes slowly. It’s an occasional time-waster, not a finish-in-a-weekender.

  • Man, I remember when Dragon’s Lair looked so rad. But then I tried playing it and missed the first button prompt in about five seconds, and the game was like “now we have your dollar robble robble.” This was back when most arcade games were a quarter so a dollar was for the premium stuff.
  • A lot of the commenters here seem to be questioning EA’s motives for this Origin promotion, but at the end of the day I think I can just accept that it’s a good deal for developers.
  • I keep telling myself to get back into Gotham City Impostors, and other games keep getting in the way. It’s still in my quick-play because I start it up every time I do a story on it.

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