Backlash Squared

Peoples is weird.

Getting angry about things and complaining about them via Internet anonymity has basically become a national past-time. We’ve raised a generation of reactionary iconoclasts, who love to point out the flaws of anything that people generally love and praise things that people generally hate. When the Internet does speak with one voice, which is rare, it’s called a backlash. But inevitably, it’s only a matter of time before people start complaining about how those people complaining are complaining too much, and should stop complaining.

Take the Avengers. I liked it, but some people were understandably upset about how the Jack Kirby estate isn’t getting compensated for his creations. Today it seems like the reverse-backlash is starting, as Scott Kurtz of PvP penned an essay on why they should all just simmer down. Regardless of his individual points, it seems like these things are cyclical. The backlash starts, then quiets down, setting the stage for responses.

Another example, on a longer scale, is Mass Effect 3. I wrote a story today about the voice actors returning for the extended ending, and judging from the responses, people don’t seem to care all that much. The people who liked or felt ambivalent towards the ending don’t see the necessity, and the people who hated it have already had the experience scarred for them. Which is why of the two comments we got in response to the story, one was just shrugging it off.

(You may notice this was part of the argument that people like me presented against changing it in the first place. In trying to please everyone, they’re inevitably going to please no one.)

Internet rage goes in phases, and I’m sure whatever controversy flares up next will be followed a week or two later by people telling those first people to shut the hell up. Ah, Internet.

  • Call me an optimist, but I always hope that new 007 games will be good. The idea behind 007 Legends is cool, at least, even if the footage itself didn’t wow me.
  • The revised Wii U controller looks a bit better than the old one, mainly because I favor analog sticks over the circle pad if there’s such an option.
  • I have a lot of respect for Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada for sticking to his guns on paid DLC. I mean, not enough to play the game, since fighting isn’t really my beat, but good on you, man. Golf clap.
  • The DS Castlevania games weren’t all winners, but they certainly weren’t losers. Even Circle of the Moon was pretty good. So without knowing pretty much anything Mirror of Faith (or Fate, as I’ve seen it called), I can say with reasonable probability that I’ll play it.

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