The Importance of Being Spider-Man

I played a bit of DC Universe Online, but my progress was interrupted by a broken PlayStation 3. I never got back into it, and I’m not totally sure what to fault for that. Maybe I just got overwhelmed by other games, or maybe I just wasn’t that drawn in by the combat. Whatever it was, I think its time has probably passed.

I liked my character (“Nicolas Rage”) just fine, but he felt a little out of place next to comic book royalty. I slowly became more convinced that Marvel’s proposed MMO method, letting you play as one of the various famous superheroes, was a better way to go. Today the company announced Marvel Heroes officially, and I feel more confident of that than ever. Making it a Diablo style dungeon crawler should help avoid some of that MMO fatigue to start with, and I’m sure they’ll have some silly explanation for why a million Wolverines can be running around. Alternate or multiple universes come to mind.

So instead of feeling like my character sticks out like a sore thumb, he’ll fit naturally into the continuity, and any tweaks I make to my version of Iron man or Captain America will be because that’s how they exist in my universe. Brilliant. Hopefully that extra edge helps hold my interest where DCUO could not.

  • The Activision case just keeps getting messier. These latest e-mails aren’t particularly damning, but do show that Acti knew the can of worms they were getting ready to open, and for good reason.
  • Most of what I remember hearing about Red Orchestra 2 is that it was insanely hard. So making a more casual-friendly option is probably the way to go to catch more players.

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