Wildly Implausible E3 2012 Predictions, Vol 1: Microsoft

Around this time last year I did a series of E3 posts with predictions on what each company could do right and wrong. It’s that time of year again, and Microsoft is up first because I use alphabetical order to avoid accusations of bias. I’ll also be throwing some wild predictions in here, and avoiding things I already know for a fact, for obvious reasons.

I’d like to be more confident of Microsoft this year, but I’m really not sure what they could blow us away with. Its line-up is mostly known quantities, and the big surprises it could pull out would likely be undermined by being multiplatform. It’s a nice get for your presentation, but if everyone knows it’s coming to PS3 too, the impact is lost. Between the big three hardware manufacturers, Microsoft is strangely the one I expect the least from, despite probably being my most-used gaming console. At this point it feels reliable, but not exciting.

Actual Predictions: New features for Halo 4, another stab at a decent Kinect line-up, more set-top services being added to the Dashboard, an on-stage demonstration of Black Ops 2, and exclusive footage and/or gameplay demonstration of the new project from Respawn or Bungie.

Wildly Implausible Prediction: A brand new in-engine demonstration of Unreal Engine 4, promising the specs of the Durango will be able to deliver that graphical fidelity, and a list of a half-dozen franchise games with currently in development for the next system.

Check back tomorrow for Nintendo’s turn at bat. Also give a look-see to my latest Escapist piece, Something Other Than Soldier. It’s about non-combat roles that are under- or entirely unrepresented in games.

  • The PS3/Vita cross-compatibility is a smart move, but I doubt they’ll really get anywhere until you can get both versions for $10 above the cost of one. It has to be impulse to get the other. Latest example: Battle Royale.
  • It’s awfully odd that a ship this leaky and with the release coming so soon still hasn’t gotten an official confirmation.
  • If Final Fantasy Dimensions is a retro throwback similar to the old games without being lifted directly from them, I’m totally there. But I doubt that’s what it is.

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