Wildly Implausible E3 Predictions, Vol 2: Nintendo

I know that “winning” and “losing” E3 is sort of a silly notion, but there is something to be said for mindshare and stealing the conversation. And nothing steals the conversation quite like new hardware. That means it’s Nintendo’s year to lose, and like last year, I’m a little nervous that it will drop the ball. Much as I love the company’s games, it struggles with presentation sometimes, and the past year has spread some doubt about the Wii U’s specs. If they don’t come out swinging, it won’t grab people the way it should.

Actual Predictions: Wii U price announced, a good-not-great launch line-up, and some more solid dates for the 3DS’ fall line-up.

Wildly Implausible Prediction: Wii U priced at $199, launch line-up includes three or more notable first-party franchises, and the 3DS gets a new side-scrolling Metroid game.

(No, the 3DS isn’t getting a hardware revision. That’s too implausible to even make my “Wildly Implausible” list.)

I spoke to a class at the University of Oklahoma today about the games industry, specifically the various ins and outs of the games media. My co-panelist was game media godfather Jeff Green. I know he’s a regular guy and talking to him proved the known fact he’s a hell of a nice guy. But when you listen to and read someone for years before you crack into the industry, you can’t help but feel a little thrill when he compliments your points. Professor Carr assures me there will be audio of it at some point, so I’ll be sure to link that when it happens.

  • As far as I can tell from this Skyrim DLC trailer, you’ll be able to pick if you want to join the vampires or the Dawnguard to fight against the vampires. I tend to think my Wizard Lizard would be more in line with joining the vampires. He did murder a lot of people for the Dark Brotherhood, after all.
  • I don’t love what little I’ve seen of Injustice footage, but I maintain that NetherRealm set a new high bar for fighting game stories. Given that I love comics, and this is about comic characters, I can see them doing some very interesting things.
  • I didn’t actually cover this story, but I have to comment. That Activision suit? Kind of a tease.
  • Looks like I’m getting Guacamelee on my Vita. I wouldn’t mind it on my PS3, or even if there’s some kind of package deal to get both, but between the two that feels like a game I want to take with me. It was one of my standouts from PAX.

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