Wildly Implausible E3 Predictions, Vol 3: Sony

I remarked in our shared Shacknews E3 predictions that Sony and Microsoft are on auto-pilot this year. That said, Sony is less so, or at least they should be. The PS3 is still going strong and I’m sure we’ll get some nifty software reveals, but it’s vitally important to support the Vita right now. The system isn’t blowing up and it’s entered that early lull. You know, after the really anticipated software hits but before the second generation hits. Now is the time to tease the second-gen stuff, so hopefully it pulls out all the stops.

Actual Predictions: Pack-in bundles for Vita, expanded PlayStation Plus program, Gaikai emulation on PS3/Vita, a gobsmacking look at The Last of Us.

Wildly Implausible Prediction: Price slashing for Vita, any kind of hint of the PlayStation 4.

And that does it for my predictions. On Monday I can start reacting to the actual announcements. Speaking of Vita software, though, that MotorStorm RC game is actually quite good, and free to boot. This is a tentative step into F2P, which is something I commented on during yesterday’s talk with the University of Oklahoma students.

  • Part of the above predictions was inspired by this Gaikai rumor, but it sounds awfully believable to me.

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