An E3 Respite

E3 has been dominating my week, from the moment I wake up until (almost) when I sleep. I’m planning to write an entry more focused on the games, probably for tomorrow once the conference has wrapped up, but for tonight I thought I’d take a break from all that and focus on a few other things.

Things like the Wreck-It Ralph trailer. I’ve seen a lot of reactions, mostly positive, and I’m certainly more in the “loved it” camp. The references are nice because they clearly come from a place of familiarity, but the story itself seems like it has some heart and potential. If nothing else, I’m going to watch it for Bowser’s spit-take.

It was also comic day, even if a bit of a light one. I dropped Action Comics from my reading list because the plots were getting too convoluted and bizarre to follow. That just left AvX and Ultimate Spider-Man, and the less said about the former the better. USM, on the other hand, was absolutely stunning. Most of it was one long fight scene, and Miles learning his ropes around the first real police collar. But as usual, Miles learning this stuff is half the joy of the comic, and it ends on two buttons that really set up interesting conflicts or discussions for the future. I’m curious how it will play into Spider-Men next week, which is one of my most anticipated books in a long time.


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