Sony overloads a full backlog

Last week, Sony piled on my backlog with the new “game collection” initiative from PlayStation Plus. It added a ton of games I want to work my way through, even discounting the ones I’ve already played or that I’m not that interested in. Hard Corps Uprising has been taking up most of my time. Something about mixing platforming with upgrade-grinding is a very potent mixture, apparently.

Today, Gravity Rush comes out too, and this weekend is Pokemon Conquest. All of those have to be pushed to the side as much as possible, though, because I’m reviewing a game this week too. But man, it’s still summer and there’s a game buffet all around me.

  • Glad to hear I can get the military DLC without pre-ordering, because I wasn’t sure if I’d get Gravity Rush until just today.
  • I wasn’t following this SpaceVenture Kickstarter that closely until today when I wrote about it, but reading the voice cast definitely got my attention.

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